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Eric - The last of his kind. Grows reluctantly into his role as leader. Learns from his mistakes and becomes a great orator and commander. Bardee Thron - A sheep without a direction until he finds his purpose in life. Supreme pilot and navigator. Cyril - Vain, beautiful and arrogant butterfly. A reluctant superhero! Merly Boab - Rastafarian cheeky chappy. Singer songwriter, artist and all round wit. Keeps everyone's spirits up. Terrible fear of heights. Nabi Stolu - All round great athlete. Aggressive and courageous. The fastest animal in the forest. A doer rather than a talker. Silveree - Out of body alien. He's been on his own for far too long! Eccentric but kind. Has amazing talents such as being able to travel by the speed of thought! Tien Sine - First of his kind and founder of the group. Grand experimenter, learned and wise professor. Gets a lot more right than he gets wrong, although he has experienced an explosion or two! Without his skills and expertise all the Band of Brother's exploits would be impossible.